100 weirdest animals

The world is loaded with millions of different species. As a matter of fact, there close to 9 million animal species running around on the planet. With so many different types of animal, a person can only imagine how many of these animals must look.

Here is a list of the world’s 100 weirdest animals and they are some very amazing creatures.1. Leafy Sea Dragon2. Vampire Squid3. Angler Fish4. Platypus5. Narwhal6. Megamouth Shark7. Bush Babies8. Dumbo Octopus9. Butterfly Atlas10. Jerboa’s long ears.11. Mouse Star-Nosed12. Elaphodus Cephalophus13. Soft Shell Turtle14. Aie aie15. Turtle Matamata16. Heridion Fish17. Trench18. Flying Lizard19. Leafy Seadragon20. Sun Bear21. Komondor Dog22. Angora Rabbit23. Red Panda24. Sloth25. Emperor Tamarin26. White-faced Saki Monkey27. Tapir28. Hagfish29. Star-nosed Mole30. Proboscis Monkey31. Pink Fairy Armadillo32. Axolotl33. Aye-aye34. Alpaca35. Tarsier36. Frill-necked Lizard37. Sucker-footed Bat38. Pygmy Marmoset39. Blobfish40. Shoebill41. Yeti Crab42. Echidna43. Sea Hare44. Naked Mole Rat45. Shaggy Frogfish46. Polyclad Flatworm47. Flounder in the Sand48. Horned Lizard49. Kangaroo and Joey50. Cape Gannet
51. Pink Fairy Armadillo52. The Maned Wolf53. Tufted Deer54. Patagonian Mara55. Irrawaddy Dolphin56. The Gerenuk57. Dugong58. The Babirusa59. Lamprey60. The Fossa61. Sunda Colugo62. Zebra Duiker63. Superb Bird of Paradise64. Gobi Jerboa65. Japanese Spider Crab66. Red-lipped Batfish67. Goblin Shark68. The Panda Ant69. Penis Snake70. Umbonia Spinosa71. Lowland Streaked Tenrec72. Hummingbird Hawk-Moth73. Glaucus Atlanticus74. Mantis Shrimp75. Venezuelan Poodle Moth76. The Pacu Fish77. Giant Isopod78. The Saiga Antelope79. The Bush Viper80. The Blue Parrotfish81. Indian Purple Frog82. Okapi83. Thorny Dragon84. Sea Pig85. Angora Rabbit86. Arrow Crab87. Blue Footed Booby88. Brazilian treehopper89. Bumblebee Bat90. Chambered Nautilus91. Coconut octopus92. Edwardsiella Andrillae93. Fried Egg Jellyfish94. Golden Tortoise Beetle95. Holy Cross Frog96. Jesus Christ Lizard97. Kitti’s Hog-nosed Bat98. Mata mata turtle99. Oriental Hornet100. Tongue-eating louse

This list only represents the thousands of different animal species that are truly unique and weird.